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Mae’s Market and Cafe Debuts Near Riverside - Riverside Blog

Mae’s Market and Cafe Debuts Near Riverside

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If you want to grab a few groceries on the way home from work or pick up dinner to-go, Mae’s Market and Cafe has you covered. It’s also stocked and ready to take care of breakfast or lunch, to pick you up with a sweet treat and a cup of coffee in the afternoon, or to supply you with craft beer, wine, and charcuterie for happy hour.
Since the gourmet market/casual eatery debuted a few weeks ago, customers have been flocking to it for pretty much all of their culinary needs. Stop by in the morning to grab a latte or a cup of coffee with a scone or a croissant, or order something with a little more sustenance. The sausage biscuit features a flaky house-made pastry stuffed with fennel sausage and roasted strawberry preserves. The oats offer a lighter option with a smattering of butter and seasonally inspired fixings. If you’re coming to Mae’s for lunch or dinner, dig into a sandwich such as the Green Goddess. Its combination of greens, cucumber, ricotta, and a lemon-infused avocado spread will tantalize your taste buds.

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