Treat Yourself to Something Sweet at Magnolia Dessert Bar & Coffee

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If you’ve never tried honey toast before, hit up Magnolia Dessert Bar & Coffee for breakfast ASAP. Its signature honey toast comes prepared in a few different ways. Each fluffy piece of golden-brown bread features a signature drizzle of honey, of course, but the rest of the fixings are up to you. Add a smattering of creamy Nutella, a dusting of crushed strawberry pocky sticks, or a layer of sweet green tea mousse.

Pair your cup of coffee with a piece of Thai toast for something even more decadent. The sweet treat features dessert-like extras such as Thai pandan and Oreo cream, but you can also enjoy it savory if you opt for main ingredients like chili shredded pork. Specialty waffles, croissants, homemade cake, and snow ice round out the roster of sweet treats, with savory crepes and roti bread also on the menu. If you’re looking for a unique way to get your caffeine, skip the classic cup of joe and opt for an inventive latte instead. You can’t go wrong with the purple potato or chocolate malt iced lattes.

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