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Sip Apple Cider, Pick a Pumpkin at Nalls Produce - Riverside Blog

Sip Apple Cider, Pick a Pumpkin at Nalls Produce

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If you’re looking for the perfect plant, the sweetest sweet corn, or real tomatoes, then Nalls Produce is the perfect spot for you. This garden center has expanded throughout the years to include a giant pumpkin tunnel in the autumn and a holiday tree field in December. The Nalls Crop Share program runs about five to eight weeks at a time, continuously throughout the year, sourcing from several different farmers to give you true variety. 

Cary Nalls and his grandparents Carroll and Mattie started Nalls Produce back in 1961 by spending their days working in the garden. Cary started the produce shop by telling his grandparents that they had more food than they could possibly eat and should sell their extra produce. Nalls Produce began as a simple produce wagon in the front yard, similar to a lemonade stand. Cary and his grandparents eventually expanded the business by purchasing wholesale produce at a market in D.C. and growing their wagon to a tent. They then added a permanent structure and a few bedding plants to grow the tent into the family-owned and -operated roadside produce market it is today.

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